Construction Services & Excavation

Our Construction Services Division group has completed a wide variety of projects. We focus on providing a high quality and timely results while keeping safety at the forefront. Of major importance to us and also to you as a customer or potential customer are committed experienced Broken Arrow employees. Our employees make us successful and are the most valued asset to Broken Arrow. All of our project managers have been in the civil engineering world for over 20 years as well as our support staff. We know how to manage and we know what the customer expects as a finished product. Some of our specialties include earthwork & sitework projects, underground utilities, commercial and residential subdivisions, roadways, and aggregate supply. We provide current technology with integrated GPS machine control and three dimensional model designs. We understand the importance of meeting project specifications and certifications while working under a demanding schedule. We view our customers as partners and we take pride in attaching our reputation along with our customers to any project. Every job matters to us!

Some of our construction services include:

→ Complete Sitework

→ Utility Pipelines

→ Heavy Earthwork

→ Containment Pond Construction

→ Landfill Cell Construction

→ Roadway Construction

→ Concrete and Asphalt Paving

→ AutoCad Modeling and Surveying

→ Aggregate and Mineral Supply

→ Specialty Aggregate Materials

If you have any of these needs, please call Dave Cummings at 1-800-491-3942 for an estimate.

We have done work in many industries including... Commercial Construction, Commercial Site Improvements, Residential Communities, Private Development, Industrial, and Government work. We work hard to build relationships with engineers, other general contractors, developers and government officials so we can all work together to bring the project together.